About us

About us


    Gharmisch aims to give everyone a taste of luxury with quality Swiss watches that stand the test of time. Our products are designed to adorn any wrist on any occasion.


We present our collection of Swiss-made watches in a cultural light, honoring the rich history of Swiss timepieces. Global circumstances and technological advances in the 20th century allowed Swiss watches to rise in popularity and quality, securing their high esteem. Gharmisch strives to maintain the industry’s impressive reputation with unique pieces and innovative designs.


Our founder, Abdulaziz Alasmari, possesses an extensive background in Swiss-made watches and an unfailing passion for all things luxury. He combined his knowledge with his penchant for opulence to create Gharmisch, a Saudi-based brand. Though Swiss-made watches are defined by law, meaning they must meet specific criteria to be labeled as such, we allow our passion for Swiss watches to guide our craft. Founded in 1993, our devotion to crafting superior Swiss watches is eternal.


We recognize the poor state of the environment and have adopted sustainable practices to ensure we are contributing to its restoration - not its destruction. In addition, our team conducts extensive research on the latest trends to remain up to date with eco-friendly methods.


As pioneers in the industry, we always go above and beyond to surpass our customers’ expectations. We have partnered with one of the biggest manufacturers in Switzerland, where high standards are not only possible but required. Gharmisch premium products are guaranteed to withstand any circumstances or conditions, enabling you to treasure our luxurious timepieces for a lifetime.


We aim to provide high quality watches with Swiss precision and style, and we capture the attention of those searching for luxury watches at affordable prices.


Gharmisch is Elegant, classic, heritage !