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A Guide to the Swiss Watch Quality Benchmarks




More than only the words "Swiss Made Watches" on the dial, guarantee the high quality of our watches. Here are five contemporary criteria that define the set of circumstances in Swiss watchmaking and that our watches ticked off.


  1. COSC Chronometer


The Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) is an independent organization that provides testing and certification services to swiss watch manufactures. To sell a watch as a chronometer-grade timepiece, the maker must first submit the watch's mechanism to COSC. The mechanism is tested in five positions and three temperature levels at this facility over a 15-day timeframe to determine the watch's average daily precision.


 Only motions that have been proved to be within +6/-4 seconds each day are certified. When these components are returned to the maker, they are cased up, and the swiss watches powered by them are given the chronometer certification.


  1. The Chronofiable Test


Chronofiable tests first appeared in the 1970s, just as observatory contests were coming to an end. During this period, the Swiss Watch Industry Federation launched the Reliability Test Center and patented Chronofiable as a testing procedure. Chronofiable is now a subsidiary of the Laboratoire Dubois SA, an autonomous horological testing facility. The Chronofiable tests, on the other hand, have stayed virtually unmodified since their start. These studies accelerate typical watch wear to the point that a 21-day test replicates six months of usage. They consist of elements like temperature fluctuations and shock tests, after which they test the other functions like timing and amplitude of the Swiss watch.


  1. The Fleurier Quality


Another example of a contemporary standard of quality for luxury Swiss watches is the Fleurier Quality Foundation (FQF). The group was created in 2001 by many businesses, such as Bovet, Chopard, and Parmigiani Fleurier. Later, Vaucher Manufacturing, a Parmigiani sibling firm, joined the organization. The watch must first pass the Chronofiable test and acquire COSC certification before being eligible for the Quality Fleurier mark. The case, dial, and movement must therefore be totally made in Switzerland. Following that, the movement's finish must withstand a microscopic check. Finally, the watch must pass the "Fleuritest," a 24-hour wear simulation that requires accuracy between zero and +5 seconds.


  1. The Geneva Seal


Aside from observatories, the Geneva Seal, which dates back to 1886, is one of the oldest watch manufacturing standards of quality. The first condition for obtaining the Geneva Hallmark is that both the mechanism and the watch be built in the County of Geneva. Furthermore, the manufacturing must be headquartered in the County of Geneva. For many years, the Geneva Seal inspection was only focused on the decoration and finishing of the mechanism. They did, however, modernize their method beginning in 2011. It now covers testing of the general functioning and precision, as well as the waterproof and power reserves of the luxury Swiss watches.


  1. METAS


OMEGA collaborated with the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) in 2014 to develop a new standard of quality. The Master Chronometer would be accreditated for finished mechanical timepieces. A watch must first be COSC approved in order to become eligible for METAS certification. Following COSC approval, the final watch is subjected to a sequence of eight tests by METAS. This process was created to simulate real-world wearing circumstances, such as resistance to water, shock, temperature fluctuations, and magnetism. The Swiss watch must, in particular, resist magnetic forces larger than 15,000 Gauss while retaining the accuracy of zero to +5 seconds every day.


The Gharmisch Luxury Swiss Made Watches went through all of the high-quality certifications and tests mentioned above to enter the luxury Swiss watches market.


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